Getting Ready for my March Solo Show

My collages are created through a process of combining different media and ripped-up pages of marks. It then becomes a process of layering, adding, sometime subtracting, and re-configuring. I am trying to relate the paintings to this process, but instead of combining collage pieces, I am building up layers of marks, subtracting areas by covering them up and then adding more and more layers until I feel the image is resolved.

Studio Update: Spring Explorations

Here we are in April and it already feels like June here in Germany. Only weeks ago we had a frigid cold snap and now we are looking at 80-90°F weather this week. Like most people, I am very tuned into the seasons, especially seeing them unfold outside of my studio window. For the past… Continue reading Studio Update: Spring Explorations

Playing with Line and Mixed Media

Yikes! It has been way too long since my last post. Never fear, it has been a busy spring and summer, but I I am working away in the time I can carve out for myself. I wanted to share some of my latest artistic explorations. In these small works, I’ve married the several strains of my… Continue reading Playing with Line and Mixed Media