My 100-Day Project: How it’s Going

I’ve managed to keep my 100-day project afloat. My goal was to create abstract works using the torn remains of other pieces as a way to explore themes of building, destroying, and rebuilding. At first, my experiments were a little cautious and had a lot of negative space in them. However, I bought more ink and started to experiment with dripping, staining, smearing, and then letting the pages … Continue reading My 100-Day Project: How it’s Going

Announcing My 100 Days Project for 2017! 

I’m excited to announce I’m participating in the 100 Day Project for 2017! I’m setting out to explore the cycle of building, destroying, eliminating, and rebuilding found in nature and all material processes. Starting on January 21st, I will create a series of small artworks on paper exploring that theme. I will be posting to my Facebook page and Instagram every day with a new work! This … Continue reading Announcing My 100 Days Project for 2017! 

What if You Created Art for Decades and No One Cared?

This weekend I had a chance to watch The 100 Years show, a short documentary streaming on Netflix about the minimalist painter Carmen Herrera. I highly recommend it to anyone, and not just to those interested in abstract art. This was a woman who followed her passion every day for decades, despite being resigned to anonymity due to her gender and also, perhaps, her Cuban-American heritage. There is something pure … Continue reading What if You Created Art for Decades and No One Cared?

Cosmic Exploration

I’m still here, still working! I’ve been terrible about updating my online presence, other than my (almost) daily posts to Instagram. To see a true chronicle of my studio practice, please follow me there. Between work and travel and other responsibilities, many days it’s all I can do to grab 45 minutes or so in the studio in the morning. So, yes, the work is flowing and … Continue reading Cosmic Exploration

Creating New Worlds

My current artwork is going boldly where it has never been before. It’s a mashup of crazy pop culture influences from Jim Henson and Dr. Seuss to Star Trek. Not really sure how I got onto this train, but it sure is fun. I’ve always loved sci-fi shows and books about the future, both post-apocalyptic and Utopian (which often overlap) and then there was David … Continue reading Creating New Worlds