Travelog: German and Dutch Masters and Peter Dreher in Karlsruhe

Greetings and Happy Belated Veterans Day to all! My husband and I spent part of the long weekend in Karlsruhe, Germany, an overlooked, non-touristy gem to the south. We decided on Karlsruhe because of two world class museums there. Karlsruhe is nicknamed the “fan city” because of the fan-shaped, radial arrangement of streets surrounding its eighteenth-century palace. The city itself is very young by German … Continue reading Travelog: German and Dutch Masters and Peter Dreher in Karlsruhe

Honoring Our Daily Bread

It seems to me the faster the world gets, the more we need to take time to be slow and mindful. We race through our days, constantly reviewing our past actions while projecting ourselves into the future, making plans and to-do lists. What we really need is to settle into the present moment like a pinball coming to rest. When I first started my bakery … Continue reading Honoring Our Daily Bread

Autumn Gourds

New Autumn Still Life

Gosh, this is a traditional still life. I couldn’t help but pile up these autumn gourds from the garden with one of my cactuses and a Polish pottery mug. I wanted to make this painting, first of all, to crank things back to a more painterly style, as opposed to the hyperrealism of my brötchen paintings. I also wanted to play with a more complex … Continue reading New Autumn Still Life

Curio Cabinet

You never know what will open doors. I recently wrote about my precious antique mall finds and the inspiration they hold for me. That initial small marble painting created an exhibition opportunity that I had not been actively seeking, but I’m grateful for in this week after Thanksgiving. The show, Holiday Anthology, will be at Full Circle Gallery in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, opening this weekend. … Continue reading Curio Cabinet

Little Green Parachute Man

Here’s my parachute man, almost finished! This work posed a new challenge. I have always struggled to paint cloth, but this nylon was particularly vexing. The material is very translucent. As I painted throughout the day, small changes in the light affected the shapes and colors throughout the form of the parachute, even where the light was behind it. The other difficulty was the gradual … Continue reading Little Green Parachute Man