Corbeau Robo: Finished Print!

I’m happy to unveil my new print, a happy addition to my current exploration of “Wind-up Birds.” This isn’t the first time I’ve used watercolors in printmaking, but it is the first time each version will be a little different with a slightly different color combination. Here, you can follow the progress of my print in pictures. I decided to use resingrave for the print. … Continue reading Corbeau Robo: Finished Print!

Adventures in Printmaking: Resingrave Etching

What is resingrave, you ask? It is a relatively new printmaking material, invented as an alternative to boxwood hardwood, an endangered species. It consists of an epoxy resin surface, which is bonded onto a wood block or masonite. It is difficult to carve, but it yields a lovely embossed surface ¬†on the paper and it offers the opportunity for fine detail. Carving the resingrave took … Continue reading Adventures in Printmaking: Resingrave Etching