The Universe Just Gave Me a Nudge

I had a wake-up call this weekend. I was running errands with my husband on base when we stopped to browse a concession stand at the exchange. This woman had stuff unlike anything you would typically find on a military base. A fashion designer herself, she sold very high-quality, original pieces from all over Europe. We got to chatting and I thought it would be … Continue reading The Universe Just Gave Me a Nudge

Challenges and Rewards of Plein Air Painting

The weather has been beautiful here in Florida, so I’ve taken my work out of the studio to the beach the past couple of weeks. I won’t lie. I’ve spent some of the time kicking back, enjoying the sun and the sound of the waves! So, here again are some new pieces. I started with some watercolors. You can see how the weather and light … Continue reading Challenges and Rewards of Plein Air Painting

Beachscapes ‘n Stuff

So, the weather has been crappy here lately. It’s not very cold, but it is gray and overcast every day with the occasional thunderstorm. For whatever reason, this puts me in the mood to do a landscape study here and there. I used to shy away from beachscapes because there is extreme danger of straying into kitsch territory, like a cruise ship hitting rocks too … Continue reading Beachscapes ‘n Stuff