Creativity and the Race Against Time

I always envied artists able to sketch on trains or while waiting at a restaurant. Creating is more hard-earned for me. It takes time to gear up beforehand, to settle into it, and finally get into a groove. A whole day of  this process and I may be in that “zone” for two or three hours. Likewise, I knew that a three-week trip home to … Continue reading Creativity and the Race Against Time

Lost and Found: Transformation Paintings

It has been a couple of months since I have posted any new work, so I thought I’d throw my current endeavors out there. You’ll find I’ve continued to experiment away from realism. This time, I am exploring images that exist in my mind’s eye and are therefore difficult to render through realism. Here is the first one. My meditation practice inspired me to make … Continue reading Lost and Found: Transformation Paintings

Marbles in a Nest

Here is my latest finished painting. The idea for depicting marbles in a nest came to me when setting up a still-life for an earlier drawing. I wanted to combine something from nature with man-made objects and I had been working with marbles, buttons, and game pieces for awhile. So, it came together pretty effortlessly. The full force of the symbolism came to me a … Continue reading Marbles in a Nest