New “Charting Loss” Series on Climate Change

I have embarked on a new fiber art series entitled “Charting Loss,” about climate change. My aim is to explore all that is or has been lost already due to the climbing global temperatures and the havoc they are wreaking on fragile ecosystems around the globe. I’ve struggled with the idea of this series for… Continue reading New “Charting Loss” Series on Climate Change

Cicadas on the Brain

I’ve never experienced so many cicadas in my life, bumbling through the air, buzzing and thrumming from the trees. They have no fear because their sheer numbers assure their species’ survival against all threat. They landed on us as we walked, hit our windshield like seeds.

A story about democracy and quilting… (Part 1)

As I watched the riot on TV, I sketched to keep my hands busy. I was thinking about how fragile our institutions are, how democracy requires everyone to agree on the legitimacy of the system. I was thinking of forms like Greek columns breaking apart, tumbling, leaning, becoming thin and unstable and shot through with a blood-red lighting strike.