Corbeau Robo: Finished Print!

I’m happy to unveil my new print, a happy addition to my current exploration of “Wind-up Birds.” This isn’t the first time I’ve used watercolors in printmaking, but it is the first time each version will be a little different with a slightly different color combination. Here, you can follow the progress of my print in pictures. I decided to use resingrave for the print. … Continue reading Corbeau Robo: Finished Print!

In Love with Corvids, Part Deux

You may remember back when I was in the states this summer, I was inspired to make some drawings of ravens and crows after getting to know a family of them outside our cabin in the Hocking Hills. I have been playing around with more images of crows and a medium I haven’t experimented with since high school. As always, these pieces are all available … Continue reading In Love with Corvids, Part Deux

Artistic Inspiration: Corvids are Cool

Whew! It has been a busy summer. Back in Ohio at the moment. Often when I travel, I just can’t find my creative groove and my sketchbook lies forgotten at the bottom of my suitcase for the whole trip. This time has been different, though. My inspiration? A short little family camping trip in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. There, I got to know a … Continue reading Artistic Inspiration: Corvids are Cool