Artistic Inspiration: Corvids are Cool

Whew! It has been a busy summer. Back in Ohio at the moment. Often when I travel, I just can’t find my creative groove and my sketchbook lies forgotten at the bottom of my suitcase for the whole trip. This time has been different, though. My inspiration? A short little family camping trip in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. There, I got to know a … Continue reading Artistic Inspiration: Corvids are Cool

Marbles in a Nest

Here is my latest finished painting. The idea for depicting marbles in a nest came to me when setting up a still-life for an earlier drawing. I wanted to combine something from nature with man-made objects and I had been working with marbles, buttons, and game pieces for awhile. So, it came together pretty effortlessly. The full force of the symbolism came to me a … Continue reading Marbles in a Nest