Jumping into Autumn with New Work!

I fall in love with fall every year and this October is no different. I was driving home yesterday and I was entranced by the rich contrast of hues in the changing trees set against the surrounding fields. The area we live in is just so beautiful. The light kept changing as the sun peaked through overcast skies and leaves fluttered to the road in … Continue reading Jumping into Autumn with New Work!

Autumn Gourds

New Autumn Still Life

Gosh, this is a traditional still life. I couldn’t help but pile up these autumn gourds from the garden with one of my cactuses and a Polish pottery mug. I wanted to make this painting, first of all, to crank things back to a more painterly style, as opposed to the hyperrealism of my brötchen paintings. I also wanted to play with a more complex … Continue reading New Autumn Still Life