Getting Ready for my March Solo Show

My collages are created through a process of combining different media and ripped-up pages of marks. It then becomes a process of layering, adding, sometime subtracting, and re-configuring. I am trying to relate the paintings to this process, but instead of combining collage pieces, I am building up layers of marks, subtracting areas by covering them up and then adding more and more layers until I feel the image is resolved. Continue reading Getting Ready for my March Solo Show

Studio Update: Spring Explorations

Here we are in April and it already feels like June here in Germany. Only weeks ago we had a frigid cold snap and now we are looking at 80-90°F weather this week. Like most people, I am very tuned into the seasons, especially seeing them unfold outside of my studio window. For the past few weeks, my work has been reflecting the change. My … Continue reading Studio Update: Spring Explorations

Group Show: Women Across Boundaries at Gallery 64

Time has gotten away from me, but if you’ve been following my Instagram, you know my life both inside and outside the studio has been busy. I want to let you know about my next exhibition, happening here in Germany! This is a group show featuring the work of myself and some other inspiring, bold women I know. I’m also showing a large number of … Continue reading Group Show: Women Across Boundaries at Gallery 64