About a Cupcake

There isn’t that much to tell, really. I just saw this cupcake in the bakery, took it home, and then took it on a journey through various mediums. First I sketched it: Then I created a linocut. Sidenote: this is my first linocut since I took printmaking in college so long ago. For anyone who doesn’t know, linocut is a printmaking technique related to woodcuts. … Continue reading About a Cupcake

This Doughnut Has No Calories. I Promise.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I’m back this week with a dose of realism. This time, I’m painting delectable baked goods with a high degree of detail. And, by the way, you can check out these paintings in my Etsy shop here and here. I have to confess, I’ve been wanting to paint doughnuts for a while… and cakes, pies, cream puffs, and so on and so forth. I hesitated for … Continue reading This Doughnut Has No Calories. I Promise.

Lost and Found: Transformation Paintings

It has been a couple of months since I have posted any new work, so I thought I’d throw my current endeavors out there. You’ll find I’ve continued to experiment away from realism. This time, I am exploring images that exist in my mind’s eye and are therefore difficult to render through realism. Here is the first one. My meditation practice inspired me to make … Continue reading Lost and Found: Transformation Paintings

Autumn Gourds

New Autumn Still Life

Gosh, this is a traditional still life. I couldn’t help but pile up these autumn gourds from the garden with one of my cactuses and a Polish pottery mug. I wanted to make this painting, first of all, to crank things back to a more painterly style, as opposed to the hyperrealism of my brötchen paintings. I also wanted to play with a more complex … Continue reading New Autumn Still Life