Giving the Mundane its Beautiful Due

I just finished the last of John Updike’s Rabbit novels. In the middle of Rabbit at Rest I realized if there is one artist whose work most resembles Updike’s prose, it would be James Rosenquist. Updike was an art school graduate who wrote with a painter’s eye. Rosenquist was a former billboard painter who became… Continue reading Giving the Mundane its Beautiful Due

Waiting for a gift

Here are two more pieces for my new series. It takes time to complete these, but they seem to go very fast compared to my oil paintings, which an acquaintance recently described as “meticulous.” Maybe a little too meticulous. I’ve recently thought about loosening up a bit more, though my painting isn’t nearly as tight… Continue reading Waiting for a gift

The Elusive Live/Work Paradigm

No sooner do I flee from my adult responsibilities do I learn my new life is an anachronism. Apparently, we are living in a post-studio world in which artists use the whole planet (or their laptop) as their studio. (What? I just got here!!) Well, I did know we were trending this way, but I… Continue reading The Elusive Live/Work Paradigm

“A woman must have money and a room of one’s own…” – Virginia Woolf

So, here I am. Sitting in my front bedroom studio in a new home with a new life. I just moved down to Navarre, Florida to finally follow a path I’ve dreamed about for years – to try to make something of myself as an artist. No more dashing out the door of my Washington… Continue reading “A woman must have money and a room of one’s own…” – Virginia Woolf