About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I am a (she/her) painter, mixed media and fiber artist living in the Washington, D.C. area. I studied art at the Columbus College of Art and Design before earning degrees in literature and gender studies. For several years, freestyle hoop art has been central to my artistic practice. In 2018, I began making unusual abstract embroideries using found fabric, primarily vintage kimono silk scraps. Every work is improvisational, with designs “riffing” on and transforming the existing cloth pattern and using an eclectic mix of different yarns, flosses, beads, and an array of different stitches.

Recently, I have expanded my work to include intuitive, improvisational abstract pieces on plain linen. These compositions are then stretched over primed artist canvases and hung like paintings. During the pandemic, I started studying quilt making in an effort to expand my fiber art-making practice.

This blog is a chronicle of my artistic journey. I started out painting hyper-realistic works and now I’m making abstract fiber art. Who could have predicted it?  I believe artists must follow their path wherever it takes them. This is how we grow as artists and as people!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello
    I am so enjoying your blog. My three children are artists and I am on the brink, after having to spend far too many years working.
    I encourage you to keep on documenting your thoughts and artistic process.
    best regards

    1. Hi Lynne,
      Thanks so much and thanks for reading. I’m working on a post right now, Tips on How to be an Artist. 🙂 I hope it’s helpful advice. I know how tough it is to make the time to be an artist when there is work and other obligations.

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