NFTs Are Not for Me

Fortunately as a fiber artist, I doubt anyone is clamoring for me to start issuing NFTs, which is why this piece is meant as a joke. 

Honestly, though, there’s talk of “eco-friendly” NFTs on the horizon but after reading as much as I could on the subject, I found myself unconvinced that any scheme built off of crypto could ever align with my values in any way. In fact, much of it seems aspirational and suspiciously like the kind of greenwashing and shell-gaming other destructive industries have engaged in for decades. They kick the can further and further down the road promising “green” innovation while making sure a few rich people keep getting rich while consuming enough energy annually to power a country the size of Ecuador.

The bottom line is, anyone working with supposedly “eco-friendly” crypto has already bought into a terrible system. And those who are making all the money in that system are not the people who will suffer the worst impacts of climate change. We’ve run out of road. The climate crisis is now. 

This piece is adjacent to my current climate-focused series, exploring all that is being lost due to the twin crises of climate change and ecological collapse. I’ve been looking to incorporate more text into the work. Maybe because there are so many days I just want to shout at the world on behalf of the world.

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