Fruits of My January Hibernation

I’ve decided January is a time for creative exploration and lots of healing solitude. No pressure. Just play.

Watercolor seems like the perfect medium for this.

So I’ve been playing and exploring and approaching these experiments with a strategy of simplicity. The results are cheery, buoyant, and a little mysterious, even to me.

“Each seed is a bitter pill of wax and wood and cyanide-laced prophecy, leafed future: a tree in embryo, its nature impossible to know before it grows.” — Matt Bell, Appleseed:A Novel

Taking inspiration from books, music, and nature.

I’ve also been ripping up my “failures” and making something new.

Collage is a way to employ a process of salvaging, remixing, subtracting, finding new connections, and improvisation.

I have started to use my cut-up paper bits in a game where I shuffle them like a deck of cards and then use them to suggest marks and shapes over and over again.

I just listed a bunch of these on my new online store! This is a big move I’ve been contemplating for awhile as I move away from Etsy as my selling platform. Stay tuned for more changes!

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