New Christmas Ornaments Up in my Shop!

Since I started doing Sashiko mending, I’ve been obsessed with this technique, which was used for century in Japan to beautifully patach clothing. So, for my big holiday craft this year, I decided to make Sashiko ornaments! I just listed a bunch in my shop and I’m hoping to list more because the process is very addictive and satisfying.

These cloth ornaments are handmade using traditional sashiko embroidery patterns. Each ornament is stitched on linen, stuffed with pillow fluff, and has a ribbon for easy hanging. Each one is completely unique with a different design, palette and style of hanging.

I love this color combo which sort of fell in my lap – the ribbon as in the drawer of an old sewing machine I recently bought! I love these because they are both simple and homespun but will add very sophisticated touch to anyone’s holiday decor!

Find the listing in my shop here!

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