Announcing My Upcoming Fiber Art Classes… Sign up today!

I have three upcoming online classes that you can sign up for right now!

If you are new to embroidery or you want to move beyond patterns, sign up for my Freestyle Embroidery Basics class. In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to transfer a design, prepare your hoop and use a few different stitches to finish the embroidery. I will then show you how to finish your piece so you can display it in the hoop!

Then you can move on to my Freestyle Embroidery on Kimono Silk class. This four-week class will explore a liberating style of abstract embroidery using an array of improvisational stitches on found fabric, specifically scraps of vintage kimono silk. Learn some of the principles of abstract art making, developing a language of marks through different stitches, and discuss color palettes, as well as how to “edit” what doesn’t work in your composition.

Finally, I am co-teaching with Lauren Kingland a class called Found Fabric Journals. In this five-week class, we will create a one-of-a-kind art book to document and preserve moments from your creative journey. Explore basic design principles with fabric, including the relationship of figure and ground, symmetry and asymmetry, and how to create perspective using color and line. Fusing, hand-stitching and embellishing techniques are also explored. The course is Ideal for beginners looking to gain confidence in skills and art concepts, and experienced artists seeking a new form in which to express their creative selves.

And look for upcoming classes in 2022! I’m currently working on putting together a class on making your own embroidered patch, a class on abstract watercolor and a class on visible mending and maintaining a sustainable closet!

Sign up for my October classes now!

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