Mark Your Calendars!

I’m excited to announce I will be participating in Baltimore Craft Week from 12-18 April! This is one of the oldest and most prestigious craft shows in the country and this year it will be entirely an online marketplace. Here’s the link:

Bookmark it and set a reminder!

I will be selling my hoop art embroideries.

For the past few years, freestyle hoop art has been central to my fiber art practice. I make unusual, abstract embroideries using found fabric, primarily vintage kimono silk scraps. Every work is improvisational, with designs “riffing” on and transforming the existing cloth pattern and using an array of different stitches and elements.

My work is dedicated to keeping the rich and versatile tradition of embroidery not only alive and well but also evolving as an art form. And, because I use upcycled scraps and bamboo hoops, I’m also committed to keeping craft alive in a sustainable way! So, I’m really honored that I can participate in Baltimore Craft Week this year.

Here is a preview of some of the work I will be showing:

Hope to see you there (virtually), friends! ☺️

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