Keep going…

It’s week two and so far my 100-Day-Project is going strong. This time my project is a lot more manageable. These drawings only take about 15 minutes and they are a wonderful break in my day. Also, I think limiting myself to pen and ink is a relief because it simplifies things so much. I just put on some music, sit with my sketchbook and begin making marks.

It’s interesting how my mood and energy level affect the end results.

Day 7

It is wonderfully meditative.

Someone has already pointed out there is a connection between my stitches and my drawn marks. What do you think?

My marks and the fluidity of these are also making their way into my oil paintings, which was my long term goal, after all.

Untitled, 70 x 100 cm, Oil on Canvas

If you would like to follow along, I am posting every day on my Instagram account and Facebook Page! For the next 91 days!

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