100 Day Project 2020!!

Three years ago, I completed a 100 Day Project which lead to great leaps in my work. I’ve decided it’s a good time for another one.

This time I am stripping down my process, taking away color, collage, different media and I’m going to focus on marks using ink and paper only.

I keep coming back to the same idea: finding order in the chaos or pushing everything so close to chaos but ultimately finding some order. Sometimes that means discovering underlying systems running through and over each other. These systems can be natural (think ripples of water, leaves on the wind, whorls of a shell) or manmade (as in digital communication, electrical currents, traffic patterns).

I have already been working on this in a series of sketches I began making a couple of months ago. These drawings are very meditative and compelling and I am amazed at how differently they turn out. However, I’ve been doing them only sporadically.

I think that’s why doing a 100 Day Project is so great. It forces you to commit to a project and work on it every day.

If you’d like to follow along with me, I will be posting more regularly here on my blog, but I will post my drawings daily on my Instagram and Facebook Page !

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