Big Move Ahead, So I’m Having a Big Art Sale!

Can you believe it? I’ve lived in Germany for seven years! When we got here, I was still painting small, hyper-realistic works and now I’m working on big, expressionistic canvases and textile pieces.

This time in Germany has been incredibly fruitful for me as an artist. When I look at my work now, I see the work of someone who is much bolder and freer. Not so careful, not so anxious. The questions I was asking at the beginning have expanded (they never get answered, you just start asking different ones). The result is work that feels much truer to me.

I’m excited for what the next chapter may bring. I’m looking forward to moving into a new house with (hopefully) more room for my studio. I think before that happens, though, it’s time to clean house and make space for new things.

To that effect, I’m having a big STUDIO MOVING SALE. Until July 15, you can get 30% off everything in my Etsy shop. Not only that, but I’m offering FREE SHIPPING on everything. Also, if you spend over $100, I will throw in freebies like postcards, thank you card packs, and Christmas card sets. 

After July 15, I will be taking a little break from my shop while we are en route to Maryland. In the fall, I hope to be back at it, strong as ever! 

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