All about Dada (and bringing it into the now): mata+ “Schsch” show

Last night was our mata+ “Schsch” show at ASZ in Kaiserslautern. We got a write up in the local paper and had a nice turnout for the evening. After all the solitude and work, it always blows me away to see the artwork neatly displayed in a big open space! Here are some pictures of the exhibit and the evening.

The evening unfolded with a hearing of Kurt Schwitters’s “Ursonate” piece and other homages to the Dada movement, a sound poem by artist Paul Bright and poetry by Alka Stracher. My “Dancing with the Devil” embroidery installation is the most “Dada” thing I’ve ever created.

What does a one-hundred-year-old art movement have to do with now? I would say everything. The world is teetering on a precipice, just as it was in 1920s Germany. Everything is in tumult and we are witnessing the upheaval, trying to grasp at the bits and pieces, creating meaning however we find it.

To make a dada poem, just cut up a news article and shake up the words.


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