embroidery, netflix, and torn paper paintings

Turns out I’m not finished with my torn paper paintings. I’m been intrigued by the textures coming out of these experiments as I layer different media. Some of the torn pieces have been layered and torn twice over. This has made me start thinking about the sculptural and 3D possibilities of layering the torn paper.

At the same time, I’ve been doing a lot of embroidery work lately. It’s a creative thing I can set my hands to in the evening while I’m unwinding from the day.  I’ve found a winning combination — binging science fiction series while stitching! I’ve stitched my way through several embroidery kits and my own experimental pieces while I’ve watched much of Star Trek TNG and all of Star Trek Voyager. Now, I’m embarking on The Expanse. Definitely grimmer and more complicated than any Star Trek I’ve watched so far. that’s why I’m also watching Bojack Horseman for a dose of absurdity.


A small portrait of Sophie I’m working on…
I’m not sure I’ve seen a show more delightfully weird and smart. (With lots of references to contemporary art)

For my own original stitched pieces, I’ve begun painting fabric to combine the mediums in the same way that I do with the works on paper.

The inspiration has gone the other direction as well. I’ve been adding stitches to some of the paintings on paper.

Stitching, layering, painting, collaging, and playing with marks….

These new paintings are beginning to feel like a new series. Not sure what to call them yet. It may be their story is still being whispered to me and is not yet finished. Here’s a slideshow:

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