Upcoming group show: more about the artists!

As I mentioned, I will be showing my Reconstructed Self series at Art Gallery 64 in Birkenfeld, Germany. The in-person show begins this Sunday with a reception at 2:00 pm (with live swing music!) We will be doing a couple of artist talks and a poetry reading in English and German as well during the exhibition!

My work from the show will also be available online through the gallery. Just follow this link.

The best part about this event is that it will feature a group of women artists whom I’m privileged to know. We all come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and only in this crazy place called Ramstein, Germany would I have met these talented women with such diverse life experiences! I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little more about these amazing artists! 

About the Artists

Ashley Roberts is an American living in Birkenfeld, Germany. She became inspired by the exteriors of ordinary structures in the area shortly after moving from the United States to Germany. With the fresh eyes of a cultural outsider, she has lovingly taken images of worn, cracked, and textured architectural surfaces and translated them into semi-abstract paintings. Her canvases are meditations on the character of these surfaces through many layers of brushwork and colors.

Penne Koppe, a German-British national, draws on her experience of living for many years in South Africa in creating her work. Mystical figures and animals emerge and dissolve into hazy backgrounds suggesting African savannas and unknown mythical narratives. Recently, her work has evolved toward pure abstraction. However, just like the mystical images, her abstract shapes shift easily between declaring themselves and dissolving completely.

Duza (Claudia Gross) is a German artist who focuses on the imagery of women in art history, investigating the rhetoric of “femaleness,” primarily through paper cutting and collage. In her paper cut-outs, she explores the motif of the female silhouette. She has translated her cut-outs to the realm of fabric and woven paper, using appropriated imagery from the fashion industry. The allusion to pixelation in her work is intentional and references “the digital post-processing of our beautiful new world.”

As for me, I’m an American artist working in the area of painting, giving a postmodern treatment to the tenets and gestures of abstract expressionism. The series in this show is called “Reconstructed Self” and was developed through a 100-Day-Project in 2017. The parameters of the project were that each work on paper had to incorporate torn pieces of older drawings and paintings. In this way, the work and the process behind it serve as a metaphor for the reinvention of the self.

You see more about us at our group site. You can view more of my work on my artist website.

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