Everything But the Kitchen Sink…

Expanding My Mixed Media Repertoire

I have never produced as much work and worked so consistently as I am now. I’m in some kind of flow and that means every piece I make informs the next. I think it was natural, then, to begin incorporating torn paper collage and paper cutting into the mixed media works I’m making.

It started with this piece I created for the Unterhammer Series.

Untitled, 2016, 5 x 5, Mixed Media on Paper

Which led to this:


…which was created from the torn up pieces of a discard. It seemed appropriate given my subject for this series is nature and all the little parts that make a whole, and the construction and deconstruction of ecosystems and habitats.

Here are a couple of other recent experiments running tandem to my sketchbook project.



Thanks to a big weekend shopping trip in Frankfurt, I am all set for art supplies, so expect to see a great many more of these chimeras!


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Some of these are now available in my Etsy shop, so do check them out!

Okay, back to work…

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