More Sketchbook Pages…

Ta-da, the last page of my current sketchbook! I’m going to admit it. Until now, I never filled up a whole sketchbook.

I always envied those artists who seemingly pour art out onto the pages night and day, filling up one book after another, everything unified, each page complementing all that came before. I would always buy a sketchbook and, intimidated by its pristine pages, tentatively make a drawing, something overly ambitious or out-of-sync with my style at the time. If I wasn’t happy with it, the sketchbook would end up at the bottom of the pile with the other discards.

I finally broke this pattern with my daily sketch practice. I definitely haven’t done a sketch every day, and I’ve refrained from pushing myself to uphold that. Rather, I have committed myself to sketching or doing a small, experimental work every day I have the time. This amounts to about three days a week, on average, but it makes a big difference in terms of output.

Still, I would like to do better and I hope to over the days and weeks to come!

Here are a few recent experiments.








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