New Painting, New Show, and Thoughts on Working from Small to Large

The last painting is finished for my upcoming show, which will feature my more surreal and imaginative work, mostly in a small format. I had wanted to finish one last big(-ish) painting because I don’t have that many for the show. For the past few years, I moved around a lot and somehow got into the habit of working small.

Enter this little number.

Not in Each Other's Shadow, 2015, Mixed Media on Paper, 6 x 6 inches
Not in Each Other’s Shadow, 2015, Mixed Media on Paper, 6 x 6 inches

There was something so evocative I wanted to try it on a larger scale. Not super large, but somewhat large for me, as in twenty inches squared. Here is the result:

Shadows, 2015, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 by 20 inches.

With the opaque colors and a more naturalistic approach, it ended up appearing more tempestuous. I wanted to give the impression that a storm is coming or past, that sun is bursting through every now and then and gusts of wind disturb the water only here and there.

The same subject, very different results. Whenever I try to repeat something, it usually takes on its own momentum and becomes a new work altogether. I’m beginning to understand how some artists paint the same subject over and over as a line of inquiry.

But maybe that’s something to think about for my next phase.

For now, I will just be concentrating on getting all my work ready for the show. That means mounting the small pieces onto panels, varnishing them and getting the hanging hardware. It’s coming along…

show prep



It’s coming soon! Check out the flyer. (A little on the pink-and-lavender side for my taste, but I really shouldn’t complain about free marketing.)




Check back in soon to see the hanging of the work!

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