Reindeer Baby Christmas Cards!

It has finally started to feel like late fall here in Germany. It is chilly and drizzly and the leaves have completely changed colors. So, I’m now in full “cozy” mode. I’m knitting, enjoying comfort food like stews and the like, even lighting the occasional fire in the fireplace at nights! It’s a good thing, too, because I am participating in a craft fair in less than two weeks and I wanted to make some new Christmas cards for it and, happily, the weather has helped inspire me.

My favorite Christmas images convey the tranquility and magic of a starlit Christmas Eve. You know, the kind of night that is so miraculous and exceptional that the lion lays down with lamb. The sweetness and innocence of animals says it all.

So I settled on this image for my Christmas card, available here in my Etsy shop. Check out my process in pictures:

Carving the linoleum block.
Carving the linoleum block…
Just after printing....
Just after printing….
The finished card is touched up with watercolor, including red for the jingle bell collar and some white iridescent acrylic medium to add sparkle to the snow.



Heather Kerley


Again, these cards are available in my Etsy shop in singles, or in packs of four. Check it out!

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