Get a Good Shave

This year, I gave my husband the gift of old-fashioning shaving for his birthday. An initial set of soap in a ceramic bowl, a shaving brush and aftershave gave way to Ebay purchases of vintage travel razors and a wide array of different blades and other accoutrements. I am not complaining. It all smells wonderful and his skin is amazingly soft. It also brings back memories of my childhood and the pewter shaving mug my dad always used to use.

Soon, I too was searching around for old images of barbershop signs and advertisements and eventually came up with this design for a linocut print.

Again, I used my little letterpress. I found that the size of this linocut was about as large as I can push it with my little press. Still, I really love how these turned out.

I’ve listed the first of eight editions in my Etsy shop. You can check it out here.  A wonderful gift for a man who loves a good shave!



Heather McCaw Kerley_Good Shave


4 thoughts on “Get a Good Shave

  1. These are beautiful!

    I, too, gave my husband the gift of old fashion shaving (about two years ago).
    It was instant love, he will never go back to the modern method.
    It’s also an escalating passion: once you start collecting it’s hard to stop at just one scent or bowl or razor stand.

    Happy birthday to your husband!


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