Coffee Makes the World Go Round, No?

I’m very proud to present my latest linocut. I’m getting better at this and also getting to know my little antiquated letterpress. Here’s a look behind the scenes about the making of this print. Also, check out this print in my shop here.

Here’s the linocut in the carving stage:


All carved up and affixed to the press:


The prints hot of the press:

Coffee print-Instagram 2

Hmmm… they are missing something.

How about little diamond stars? The kind you see on retro signs…

coffee print-Instagram 1

I used a hand-carved stamp and watercolors to make the stars.

The finished product:


I’m very happy with how these turned out!!

So, now I have a tea print and a coffee print. Perhaps to round things off, I should make these part of a series… the six beverages that changed the world?

That leaves wine, beer, spirits, and Coca-Cola. Any ideas what I should do next and how I should depict it?

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