Tea Cups Painting

"Tin Tea Cups," Gouache, 24 x 17 cm. “Tin Tea Cups,” Gouache, 17 x 24 cm.

Check out my little tea cup painting, all finished and available in my Etsy shop here.

A little stack of mid century America. These  tea cups were sold as a collection and, even though I’m dubious they were originally sold together, they all came from the same Ohio toy factory. The colors and drawings on them are truly charming. It was difficult to decide which one would be most prominently displayed.

Tea cups, in progress.
Tea cups, in progress.

IMG_1672 IMG_1674 IMG_1677

Yes, you can see my dinosaur of a Macbook there… hoping to get a nice new Macbook Air this year.

What can I say? I’m a starving artist. To feed me, click here. 🙂

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