‘Tis the Season… To Wind Down

Reichenbach-Steegan, Germany

My final creative act of 2012 is likely to be baking Christmas cookies. That’s right. I am out of the studio until January.

I spent this month making two paintings and once I finished them, I realized I was tapped out. I went into the studio the next day and sat staring out the window, no ideas, no motivation… I could work on longer term projects, but it just didn’t seem like the right time to start anything. The days have gotten short and dark, Christmas is just around the corner with much left to do, and these days I even want to sleep in!

What has happened to me? The natural flow of things, I guess. I’ve always been aware of the natural peaks and valleys in my  energy and mood. Of all the seasons, I love winter most of all, probably because it compels me to stay closer to hearth and home and to look inward, my favorite state of being.

And I’m not the only one, apparently. Here is what Stephanie Guimond of Scoutie Girl says:

Energy and interests fluctuate throughout the year.When we recognize these fluctuations, we can decide if we want to adapt our habits – work, play and rest – accordingly.

It’s all about finding your natural rhythm.

When you make your own schedule, it can be difficult to find balance between work and life. You can never leave work at the office because you are essentially always at the office. I am forever thinking about my paintings, every waking minute and sometimes in my dreams. This is right and good, but I need to remember, too, that resting, meditating, staring out the window, and gathering my creative energies is part of the work I must do.

… So, without the guilt and inner exhortations that I need to get back to work, I’m going to enjoy more walks in the snow and watching my kitty play, inspired by her capacity to simply be and live in the moment!

Happy Holidays!

~ Heather


Sophie watching the birds








One thought on “‘Tis the Season… To Wind Down

  1. I’m taking some time off, too! My last three open orders are shipping today, and I won’t be making any products from now until the 27th. The first weeks of the month were insane, and I just need a break. And now that you mention it, I don’t feel guilty about it at all! Hope you enjoy your time off, too.

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