Is it Weird That I Name My Houseplants?

“Donna,” Gouache on Paper, 8 x 8 in.

Last weekend, Mike and I went to a local home and garden store and came home with two desert plants, an aloe plant (my choice) and a beaver tail cactus (his). As we were driving back home, Mike recalled how his son had named his own cactus “Connor.” A good name for a cactus, if you ask me. We laughed a little and then proceeded to name our two new additions. The beaver tail cactus is now known as “Franklin,” and my aloe plant is named “Donna.” Don’t ask me why. They just seemed like appropriate names.

At this point, I have to ask myself, what is the appeal of naming inanimate objects? It’s not a common practice for me, but, for the record, my 2006 Corolla is named “Maximillian.” Perhaps I desperately want a pet … or a child! I do really want to own a dog, but I have put off getting one for so long I’m not sure I will ever have one. There always seems to be a reason not to (I work too much, I want to travel, dogs are expensive, etc). As for children…. well, they’re cute and all, but I’m starting to think I should want one more than I currently do at my age.

So, for now I think I will stick to caring for, nurturing – and naming – plants. We are moving into our new place tomorrow and I can’t wait to start an herb garden, followed by some flowers, and maybe even some vegetables, eventually. And the house is full of windows. I can’t wait to fill it with air plants, scindapsis, and lots and lots of the prickliest cactuses we can find!

10 thoughts on “Is it Weird That I Name My Houseplants?

  1. I too named my cactus, he goes by Magnus. Although I’m awful at remembering to keep him alive. Died for 2 years and then suddenly 3 months ago sprouted two cactusy arms. Kind of creepy and sad. But he lives still!

  2. LOL – we always name our plants! Franklin and Donna are very good names.Best of luck on your move. Abby fyi – my husband is also a Mike πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for following, Henrietta. I didn’t have any for quite awhile because I knew we were moving overseas. I didn’t realize how much I missed them… they improve your quality of life!

  3. I recently got two new cacti one is named Lawrence and the other is named Victoria because she is purple and sassy!! And I also have an aloe named Betty!! πŸ˜„

    1. I do love cacti! Franklin is a monster now. Every spring, he gets more beaver-tails and no one side is so heavy, it hangs off my table. No idea what we’ll do with him whenever we move house.

  4. It’s not weird at all to name plants.
    I have a two year old green pothos (devil’s ivy) named Steve (after Captain America) and a marbled pothos I bought off Walmart last month named James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky for short). My college roommates and I have plans to name the next plant we (and by that I mean myself) adopt Sam, after Sam Wilson (Falcon), in keeping with the theme.

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