Bread is Life

Gouache on Paper, 5 x 7 in.

Well, things are finally settling down since our move overseas. I’ve been back to work, creating a couple of small works and sketches. I finished this painting of a roll over the weekend. We are currently living in the furnished basement apartment of a German local and our landlady has treated us as real guests. She brings us rolls from the town bakery whenever she goes herself and, now that she knows I’m an artist, she brings them along with the arts section of the German newspaper.

Looking through the newspaper at all the exhibits and shows going on in the area makes me hunger to learn German. Propitiously, I learned the German word for roll yesterday, Brötchen. I also learned it is the diminutive of the word for bread, which is Bröt, so it literally means “little bread.” One thing about me: I love languages!

In any event, I think the combination of the different setting, the sensual experience of eating those rolls, and the language itself has apparently renewed my interest in more traditional still life subjects. That is, food and drink. Here is the other small painting I did last week:

Gouache on Paper, 8 x 10 in.

Perhaps a series devoted to bread is in order? Why not? It’s the stuff of life.

Check out these pieces and a few others not currently packed up in my Etsy shop, which is now open for business!

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