Some New German Art (Right in my Back Yard!)

“Herodes Resignation,” by Irina Corona (Source:

Last weekend, Mike and I visited the Pfalzgalerie art museum in Kaiserslautern and we were pleasantly surprised to see the winning entries of a recent regional art competition for emerging and mid-career artists. I saw some fantastic paintings and it made me sad to think they may not be seen by the English-speaking world, so I thought I would post my favorites here. Obviously, I’m always excited to see people putting brush to canvas in fresh ways.

I was especially taken with the abstract work above by Irina Corona. It is as if there is a thin veil between the viewer and the organic forms beyond, which is torn in gaping slashes. It is somehow both lyrical and violent.

“Zebra,” Wolfgang Blanke (Source:

I also love the layering of paint and loose, gestural brushstrokes of this piece. I eventually realized these figures are walking across a “zebra” cross walk. The playfulness of the figures is belied by the voyeuristic vantage point.

And who can take issue with an artist who blurs lines between hunter and hunted?

“Nix Nie Weg,” Manfred E. Plathe (Source:

And last but not least, some realism:

“Küche,” Anne Janoschka (Source:

This was painted in acrylic on a very textured ground, which is left untouched in the areas where the floor, walls, and sink show.

I have to say, being able to read very little German made experiencing these works interesting. It’s as if I am in undiscovered country, left to my own devises to interpret and respond in a vacuum. This will not be the case when I head up to Frankfurt later this month to see Jeff Koons “The Painter” and “The Sculptor” at Schirn Kunsthalle and Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung. Both shows have been written about extensively in English… But that won’t keep me from reporting back, so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Some New German Art (Right in my Back Yard!)

  1. a very informative post Heather. Welcome to Germany. And your studio is lovely and so are your works. I live in Frankfurt. Do let me know when you visit Frankfurt next, would love to meet you. – Sunayana

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