Midwest is Best!

I used to be so sick of this skyline after looking at it my whole life, but now I kinda miss it.

Hi there! At the moment, I am back in Columbus, Ohio – my hometown. The weather is gorgeous right now and this weekend I headed down to the Columbus Arts Festival. I have not actually checked out the festival since about 1993. I remember seeing a number of wildlife prints, silver celtic jewelry, and a lot of hippie clothing back then. This is a whole new festival. Yes, there is quite a lot of couch-matching art, but I also found some very exciting artists.

My favorites include:

Bob Daily Design, Lathe-turned Wood Art
Mark Traughber
Mark Traughber
Yvonne Miller
Yvonne Miller
Mom and Dad, taking in the view.

We also ducked into the old Armory, which has been a cultural center for a long time now. They were having a student-faculty show. Here are my two favorite paintings on view, one by a faculty member and the other by a student. Can you tell which is which?

Boryana Rusenova Ina, We’ve Got Boundaries, Oil on Canvas
Ruth Bolzenius, Bishop’s Cottage, Gambier, Ohio, Oil on Canvas

Also checked out some cool architectural elements in the Armory:

Old Armory, Columbus, Ohio
Nice weather brought out major crowds but not a whole lot of sales that I could see… stupid economy.

It was getting super-crowded, so we took our leave and headed up High Street, which is now crawling with galleries, wine shops, and boutiques offering all manner of local arts and crafts. Best new little shop (new to me, anyway): Wholly Craft in Clintonville. Love, love, love this little shop and its vintage maple syrup lithograph wall mural. I just had to buy this screen-printed t-shirt, which pretty much says it all!

Midwest is Best!

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